Thursday, July 03, 2008

CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt' Blog

CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt' is a blog that is written to be about, "Canadian Genealogy & Women's History: Current Ideas, Information & Projects." It has some great things in it, including the announcement for the BC Genealogical Society's Annual Free Library Research Week, taking place July 21-26.
Many thanks to the blog's owner, M. Diane Rogers, for adding this blog to her blogroll for Canadian Genealogy. I've added her blog to my list as well!

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Blogger Darrell Badertscher said...

I am looking for a Michael Joseph Burke and a Fred Badertscher, both born in Canada in 1880's to 1890's. Michael Immigrated to Washington State and Fred to North Dakota.

6:13 pm  
Blogger Canadian Lib Genie said...

Darrell: My blog isn't really meant to answer specific family history questions, but to point to Canadian online resources that, quite often, are free, or of assistance to fellow librarians who want to learn more about genealogical reference. I would suggest a couple of things: You may want to join a mailing list for the area in Canada where your ancestors were born (visit Canada Genealogy Mailing Lists and provide more details to the other members of the list.) You can also join the mailing list for each surname, if one exists. Please visit Surname Mailing Lists
Good luck!

8:26 pm  

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