Friday, April 30, 2010

Quebec and Eastern Townships Genealogy

While Marlene will charge you a fee to extract information from the records she has indexed for Quebec and the Eastern Townships, she has made quite a lot of information available for free. More importantly, it's her tips and ideas that can lead you to the information that you need, particularly if this is an area in your family tree that you're having difficulties "climbing" because it's unknown territory.

Her site is described as follows:
Quebec genealogy poses some interesting problems, and these problems are magnified in the Eastern Townships, which were largely settled at first by English-speaking people whose roots go back into the New England states.
In an effort to help clear up some of these problems, I have indexed over 630,000 church, cemetery, census, and newspaper articles. To see where I've been indexing, please look under the green buttons to the left of my page. ...
Here's the link to take a look: Click here

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