Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Index to French Canadian Revolutionary War Patriots

The Ross Flag
I'm fascinated when celebrities on Who Do You Think You Are discover that they are entitled to apply to be Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution. What I didn't realize until I went to do my research for this blog post that, as The Canadian Encyclopedia describes in its American Revolution article that Canada was also invaded during the war:
In 1775 at the start of the American Revolution, rebel forces invaded Canada, occupying Montréal and attacking the town of Québec.
If you read the whole article, you'll see that those seeking America's Independence from Britain had sympathizers in Canada, but the rebel forces were defeated. Quite a difference from those wanting to remain loyal to Britain and moved to Canada as Loyalists!

I've had this link to the online Index to French Canadian Revolutionary War Patriots bookmarked for so long, I don't remember where I learned about it! What I do know is that Debbie Duay of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is to be commended for all of her hard work to compile this list. Be sure to check to see if any of your French Canadian family members of the late 1700s were Revolutionary War Patriots!

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