Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oh my gosh...

I was reading through my personal email when I came across my subscription to RootsWeb Review. I haven't read it in a while. I started thinking that my spam mail filter must have grabbed it and tossed it before I got a chance to see it as it is an e-newsletter that is published regularly, but going to their website, I noticed that it did change to monthly publication from weekly, beginning in April 2008.

I really like the Review. It offers a lot of very helpful general genealogical research tips, like the article this issue entitled, "Research Clues from the Faith of Our Fathers" by Joan Young which looks at the significance of faith (religion) in research. Another piece on "International Genealogical Symbols" by Mary Harrell-Sesniak illustrates symbols used in describing relationships in a variety of resources from around the world.

What surprised me was not the quality of the newsletter, but the fact that this blog received a mention, and from the Editor's Desk at that! She writes:

Editor's Desk: News and Notes
Locating Free Canadian Resources
If you're looking for a blog that captures primarily free Canadian resources, be sure to take a look here.

Previously published in RootsWeb Review: 9 July 2008, Vol. 11, No. 17
Dick Eastman's blog, Cyndi's List, various library schools, and a few other places, now RootsWeb Review. I'm very flattered and extremely pleased that this blog is allowing me to "wander" farther and farther!

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