Friday, October 15, 2010

Two posts for the price of one!

Oops. I was wondering how long it would take before I missed posting! So, to make up for it, here are two resources for today:

1. Lest We Forget Project: Cenotaph Research is 100 World War I and 100 World War II military service records digitized and available at Library and Archives Canada. The site explains it as follows:
The military service documents found on the following page were selected by Library and Archives Canada as a small sample of the 660,000 Canadian men and women who served during the First World War. They have been selected to represent both Canada's aboriginal and ethnic diversity at the beginning of the twentieth century and the range of military experience, including soldiers of the infantry, artillery, engineers, signals, and service corps, and doctors and nurses of the medical corps.
2. Since the Government of Canada has designated 2010 as the Year of the British Home Child, it might be advantageous for those looking for further information on their British Home Child ancestors to visit the British Home Children website. Their database of Home Children appears to have reached 10,370 entries to-date, and is available to registered members only. In addition, they offer a number of weblinks to a variety of other resources.

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