Sunday, April 06, 2014

Something fun: The Family Tree Rhapsody and Proof that YouTube Is For Genealogists Too!

My hubbie shared a very cute YouTube video with me called Family Tree Rhapsody. You must check it out and be sure your sound is on and turned up.

What struck me is that YouTube is also a great place for learning, even for the Family Historian! In the YouTube sidebar alone were several videos on a variety of topics, including an hour long session by Kyle J. Betit for titled "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Back to the Homeland"  or "Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for Free" by Kenneth R. Marks, though his focus is on American newspapers. Do not despair! Library and Archives Canada is also there with their own channel and the search box at the top of the main site will let you search for videos on all different types of genealogical research.

Have fun!

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