Sunday, March 02, 2014

Quarriers Homes of Scotland

The Quarriers are a Scottish charitable organization who are dedicated to helping children and their families who are facing adversity. Their history goes back to the 1870s with their founder, William Quarrier, caring for orphaned children. If you have an ancestor or family member from an Orphan's home in Scotland, then this website will be of interest to you:
Approximately 30,000 children spent at least some of their childhood in the Orphan Homes of Scotland, a name changed in 1958 to Quarriers Homes. Each child’s entry to and departure from the Homes was recorded as was basic information about the family’s circumstances.  
Records have been kept since Quarrier opened his first Children's shelter in Glasgow, so be sure to contact their Genealogy and Records Service if you would like to learn more about the information they hold.

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