Monday, October 31, 2005

Canadian Content at Genealogy Blog

The amount of Canadian content at Genealogy Blog has been phenomenal! Here's a list of what's new in resources announced through this site:

The 1901 British Columbia Census Index Online

New Index to Canadian Passenger Arrivals

The Alberta Homestead Index 1870-1930

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Canadian History for Dummies

Looking for some social context for your Canadian family tree? Be sure to check out the 2nd edition of Will Ferguson's work, Canadian History for Dummies. Whether you buy it online or check it out through your local public library, it's a great reference tool.

Tracing Your Family Tree in Ontario/Canada

I'm envious of the other genealogy blogs. Nope, not because of size or anything like that - just because of time! I never seem to have enough time to add new items of potential interest to my blog. Guess I'll have to learn to sleep while typing! :)

But, before I get to that point, here's a great website I came across when doing some research with a researcher, from, at Tracing Your Family Tree in Ontario: Introduction to Genealogy Records. The Canadian version may be accessed by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saskatchewan Genealogy Birth Records Index

Do you have a relative born in Saskatchewan more than 100 years ago? If you need to search this information online, you can now do so by visiting this website.

Saskatchewan Homestead Records Now Online

From the CBC Saskatchewan website:
The Saskatchewan Homestead Index database contains 360,000 references to the men and women who, under the terms of The Dominion Lands Act, took part in the homestead process in the area now known as Saskatchewan from 1872 to 1930.
It includes those who sold or bought North West Métis or South African veteran scrip or received soldier grants following service in the First World War.

To visit the website, click here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

1911 Canadian Census for Purchase as Microfilm

Update: Microfilm is now available for purchase. Click here to learn more.

I spoke with a Reference Staff Member at the Library and Archives Canada this morning. She understands that the microfilm of the 1911 Canadian Census will be available for purchase in September. She recommends calling Sylvie Tremblay at LAC in September for further details at that time.

Canadian Genealogy Centre: Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada

The Canadian Genealogy Centre has recently made their latest edition of the guide, Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada available as a pdf on their website. This publication may be ordered for free through the CGC, or printed off as necessary. It doesn't contain as many resources as the website, but is very handy as a takeaway for a beginning researcher.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ontario Placenames Locator

Ontario Locator from OntarioGenWeb bills itself as follows:
Our purpose is to help genealogists and historians discover the township, county or district they need in order to research family histories.” So, if you know that your relatives lived in New Johnston, Ontario but need to know what the area is called today (modern day Cornwall, Ontario) you'll want to start with this site first.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In Search of Your Canadian Past: The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project (McGill University)

I really admire resources put online by institutions - especially those that are free of charge. McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, has one such resource: In Search of Your Canadian Past: The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project. The majority of the atlases included are from Ontario, and while this resource is not browseable (you can’t look at the atlases page by page) you can do a search for the area of interest, or for a particular name. I like the ability to do a search for a particular township or municipality, and then generate a list of names referenced within that area.