Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quebec Family History Society Presents Roots 2015 June 19-21

The Quebec Family History Society will once again be presenting Roots 2015, an international conference on family history in Quebec. The conference will be held at McGill University in Montreal, and presenters will include Gary Schroder, President, Quebec Family History Society, Glenn Wright, Author and Lecturer, and Edward Zapletal, Publisher of multiple family history magazines. Be sure to register soon!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Conference Announcement: British Isles Family History Society ofGreater Ottawa 18-20 September 2015

BIFHSGO will be holding their Family History Conference from 18-20 September 2015 at Ben Franklin Place on Centrepointe Drive in Ottawa. Their three areas of focus will be Scottish Family History, Photographs in Genealogy and Technology for Genealogists with expert genealogy lecturers like Thomas MacEntee, Maureen Taylor and Chris Paton just to name a few. All details including registration information is available on their website. Happy Learning!

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Happy 10th Blogoversary to me!

I can't believe I almost missed the 10th anniversary of my blog! My first post was 27 May 2005 and was all about OGS Seminar 2005, the predecessor of the #OGS #Conference.

Cue the birthday cake & candles!

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OGS Barrie 2015: Jane MacNamara & Ontario Indexes

I'm currently in a session with Jane MacNamara at #OGSBarrie2015 who is running through 25+ indexes to consider using if you have Ontario ancestors. She makes a very good point to be sure to go back and look at TONI from the Ontario Genealogical Society. There are additions made to it regularly, so be sure to check it out for your Ontario ancestors every six months or so! More available at her website.

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OGS Barrie Conference Panel: 2015 - Tracks Through Time

Tracks Through Time is the theme for our plenary session on Day 2 of #OGSBarrie2015. It's a panel with Richard M. Doherty, Kirsty Gray, Dave Obee and Dr. Maurice Gleeson and moderator Thomas MacEntee. Such expertise!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Slums of Pointe St. Charles: Library & Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada has posted an entry on its blog about the slums of Pointe St. Charles, a neighbourhood of Montreal. Be sure to check it out!

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What Was There: Put history in its place

I learned about the site, WhatWasThere at a session at #OGSBarrie2015 today. It's very cool in that people can post older photos to the site and tie them into Google Maps so that you can see what the area looked like in the past compared to recently. It's very cool and I can see it becoming a site where I can get lost for hours!

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Want to be more organized with your genealogy research?

Thomas MacEntee is presenting a session at #OGSBarrie2015 today on "Managing the Genealogy Data Monster." The first heading on his handout is most telling: "Overwhelming Data and Genealogy - Work Smarter Not Harder." If you get a chance to check out this session elsewhere, I highly recommend it! His handout is once again available for duplication in society newsletters, so drop him an email at if you're interested!

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Google for Genealogists with Thomas MacEntee

I'm attending my first OGS conference in a really long time, and I thought it was a great opportunity to restart my blog. I'm in a session, Google for Genealogists, with blogger extraordinaire Thomas MacEntee! His handout is quite extensive, and available to be used as a newsletter article for your local genealogical society. Interested? Contact him at #OGSBarrie2015

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