Friday, May 29, 2015

Google for Genealogists with Thomas MacEntee

I'm attending my first OGS conference in a really long time, and I thought it was a great opportunity to restart my blog. I'm in a session, Google for Genealogists, with blogger extraordinaire Thomas MacEntee! His handout is quite extensive, and available to be used as a newsletter article for your local genealogical society. Interested? Contact him at #OGSBarrie2015

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Blogger Gail Braddock said...

Share with us, please!

4:57 pm  
Blogger Canadian Lib Genie (aka Elise) said...

Not a lot I can share without giving too much from his session away. I can say that he did a very thorough review of the different tools that are part of Google and how genealogists can use them more effectively. The ultimate was Google Alerts!

8:54 pm  

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