Saturday, June 17, 2006

Chinese-Canadian Genealogy: Vancouver Public Library

The Vancouver Public Library is making a number of resources available for those who may be researching Chinese-Canadian family history. Their website is a true collection of resources, including information on how to research the General Register of Chinese Immigration or "Head Tax" records. It's a complicated process, but well worth the effort of you are Chinese descent.
Many thanks to Paul Whitney, City Librarian of Vancouver Public Library, for pointing out this resource they have been hard at work on in collaboration with Library and Archives Canada.

NB: LAC also has a database available of the "Port of New Westminster Register of Chinese Immigration (1887-1908)" Be sure to click on Search on the left side navigation bar to conduct your research.

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Blogger Canadian Lib Genie said...

The Canadiana Department of the North York Central Library (Toronto) now offers the microfilm of the General Register of Chinese Immigration 1885 to 1949.

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