Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Société Franco-Ontarienne d'Histoire et de Généalogie

I have made some assumptions about the people reading my blog:
1. They are librarians or library staff in any number of places around the world who assist people conducting family history research into Canadian branches of their family tree
2. The Library Staff and those family historians they assist read and research in English

Please let me know if either or both of my assumptions are off-track.

Quite a number of people I know are conducting research into their French-Canadian roots, and while there is always the difficulty of Anglicized French names (Courtesy of Dick Eastman) sometimes just knowing where to turn for research purposes is a bit tricky.

The Société Franco-Ontarienne d'Histoire et de Généalogie or SFOHG is the place for you if you're in Ontario. With 13 regional locations across the province, it might make it easier than travelling to Quebec.


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