Friday, June 11, 2010

Findmypast is free during every England World Cup match!

I know what you're thinking: FindMyPast isn't Canadian content! Why are you posting this special offer on your blog?

I firmly believe that unless you're a member of the First Nations, your ancestors had to come to Canada from somewhere. One of those "wheres" could possibly be England, and FindMyPast has a lot to offer you as a researcher.

So, if you're not a big fan of soccer (football) or you're able to multitask while watching England and its competitor, the majority of English records held at FindMyPast are free! You can register in advance and then just head over to the site to search starting 30 minutes before the game starts for three hours.

To register and learn more, head on over to FindMyPast. To check out when England plays at the FIFA World Cup, click here.

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