Monday, October 18, 2010


Have you visited lately? If not, you have 33 Canadian databases spread from sea to shining sea that just might reveal something about your family tree.

The Passionate Genealogist recently gave me a gift of one of her duplicate magazines so I could brush up on some personal family history research I've been neglecting recently. The one article that really stuck with me was written by a gentleman who recently finished writing and has now published his family tree. In it, he reminds all researchers, "New sources of information become available over time." (Swan, John. "The story of my family history." Family Tree. August 2010: 24-27) Why am I pointing this out? Well, because I did a search for an ancestor's ancestor and I found some invaluable information about my great-great grandmother's family! Wish me luck that I might be able to fill in some "branches" that are otherwise pretty bare!


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