Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three entries today!

Yes, I've been shirking my blogging duties this weekend. So, I owe you three, and here they are!

1. Research more than once:

Family History researchers can tell you how research has changed over the years. From having to visit repositories in-person or sending a letter to make a request to digital collections easily searchable over the web, it's always worth repeating your research once every few years to see what's new. Here's one of my own examples to illustrate:

I was always told that my great-grandfather Clarence married my great-grandmother Nettie, then married her sister after Nettie died in the US as a result of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. Because I didn't know where the wedding took place, I had a really hard time tracking down the marriage registration. Then, I tried a Google search about a year ago and found transcriptions of Waterloo County online from 1908, including the marriage I'd been missing for years. Even better was the registration number, so I can go and look at the microfilm of the original registration. I never knew that they had been married on Christmas!
But what surprised me more was the actual marriage registration in 1925 of Clarence to Mary, his sister-in-law! Now I have two registrations to look at.

2. Oakville Memories

This is a blog is the work of Bob Hughes, formerly of Oakville, Ontario and now living in Victoria, British Columbia. It contains "living memories" and is definitely a fantastic resource, especially for those with family in the Oakville area in order to better understand the life and times of this Town.

3. United Church of Canada Archives are ONLINE

Need I say more? Just click here to head on over!

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